Pancreatic Cancer news

Two-drug combination shows promise against one type of pancreatic cancer
Sep 22 15


Moffitt makes important steps toward developing a blood test to catch pancreatic cancer early
Aug 28 15


TGen study finds genes associated with improved survival for pancreatic cancer patients
Aug 21 15


New ‘chemotherapy booster’ could treat lung and pancreatic cancer
Jul 23 15


Tiny particles in blood useful for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
Jun 25 15


A Boost May Improve Pancreatic Cancer Resection Rate
Jun 18 15


Common antibiotic part of a new potential pancreatic cancer therapy
Jun 01 15


Pancreatic cancer risk linked to weak sunlight
Apr 30 15


UTSW researchers lead collaborative charge to uncover genetic diversity of pancreatic cancer
Apr 09 15


MRI screening program for individuals at high risk of pancreatic cancer
Apr 08 15


Moffitt researchers discover biological markers associated with high-risk pancreatic lesions
Feb 02 15


Study sheds light on factors that may contribute to pancreatic cancer
Oct 14 14


Chemotherapy and stereotactic ablative radiation (SABR) consecutively may be promising treatment option for patients with advanced pancreatic cancer
Sep 16 14


Chinese Herbal Extract May Help Kill Off Pancreatic Cancer Cells
Jul 02 14


The inhibition of a protein opens the door to the treatment of pancreatic cancer
Jul 01 14


Continued use of low-dose aspirin may lower pancreatic cancer risk
Jun 26 14


Endoscope with an oxygen sensor detects pancreatic cancer
Jun 08 14


Study explains how green tea could reduce pancreatic cancer risk
May 30 14


Gene mutation found for aggressive form of pancreatic cancer
May 26 14


‘Achilles heel’ of pancreatic cancer identified
May 02 14


An easier, safer, and more accurate treatment for pancreatic cancer
Apr 02 14


New findings show link between diabetes and pancreatic cancer
Mar 15 14


Study finds CT scans predict chemotherapy response in pancreatic cancer
Mar 11 14


Ancient Chinese medicine put through its paces for pancreatic cancer
Mar 03 14


Dismantling pancreas cancer’s armor
Feb 20 14


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