Skin Cancer news

Smartphones could improve skin cancer detection in developing countries
Mar 16 16


UGR scientists patent an effective drug for treating breast, colon, and skin cancers
Oct 20 15


New genetic mutation identified in melanoma cancer cells
Sep 02 15


Hundreds of cancer possibilities arise from common skin mole mutation
Apr 23 15


Text messages a new tool in the fight to prevent skin cancer
Feb 05 15


New data on combination treatments for melanoma
Sep 29 14


Scientists find new way to combat drug resistance in skin cancer
May 22 14


Amgen vaccine triggers immune response in advanced melanoma -study
Mar 15 14


UCLA research could enhance treatments for drug-resistant melanoma
Nov 21 13


Online Course Improves Physicians Skill Level for Detecting Skin Cancer
Nov 07 13


After melanoma, people head back to the sun: study
Oct 03 13


Immune drugs hold hope of “clinical cure” for deadly skin cancer
Sep 29 13


Evolutionary medicine of skin cancer risk among Europeans
Sep 18 13


Single injection may revolutionize melanoma treatment, Moffitt study shows
Aug 23 13


Skin Cancer on the Rise in U.S. Kids
Apr 15 13


Silibinin, found in milk thistle, protects against UV-induced skin cancer
Jan 31 13


Skin cancer phone apps aren’t very accurate: study
Jan 17 13


Genetic data shows that skin cancer risk includes more than UV exposure
Dec 04 12


X-ray analysis deciphers master regulator important for skin cancer
Dec 01 12


Tanning beds linked to non-melanoma skin cancer
Oct 02 12


Study confirms link between indoor tanning and skin cancer risk
Oct 02 12


Coffee consumption inversely associated with risk of most common form of skin cancer
Jul 02 12


Sun Exposure and Cutaneous HPV Infection Found Synergistic in Skin Cancers, Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Say
Jun 25 12


Can Aspirin, Other NSAIDs Lower Skin Cancer Risk?
May 31 12


Commonly used painkillers may protect against skin cancer
May 29 12


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