Testicular Cancer News

Nearly half of testicular cancer risk comes from inherited genetic faults
Sep 09 15


Study finds testicular cancer link for muscle-building supplements
Apr 13 15


Testicular cancer rates are on the rise in young Hispanic Americans
Jul 14 14


Tanning gene linked to increased risk of testicular cancer, according to NIH scientists
Oct 19 13


Penn Medicine researchers identify 4 new genetic risk factors for testicular cancer
May 13 13


Man Takes Pregnancy Test as Joke, Finds Testicular Tumor
Nov 09 12


Cannabis linked to testicular cancer
Sep 10 12


Marijuana use may increase risk of testicular cancer
Sep 10 12


Risk For Testicular Cancer Increases With Genetic Copy-Number Variants
Aug 05 12


Fetal Exposure to Radiation Increases Risk of Testicular Cancer
Feb 14 12


Testicular cancer deaths double with after 40 diagnosis
Feb 10 11


Comic Books Featuring ‘Super Heroes’ Educate Young Men About Testicular Cancer
Sep 23 10


Scientists find genes linked to testicular cancer
Jun 14 10


Canisius College and Roswell Park Cancer Institute Launch “Check Yo Nutz” Testicular Cancer Awareness Campaign
Apr 03 10


Relatives of boys with sexual birth defects not at risk for testicular germ cell cancer
Dec 22 09


Long-term testicular cancer survivors at high risk for neurological side effects
Nov 26 09


Treatment not testicular cancer poses greatest risk to survivors’ long-term health
Oct 15 09


Second gene linked to familial testicular cancer
Jun 29 09


Researchers Discover Genetic Risk Factor for Testicular Cancer
Jun 01 09


Testicular cancer survivors may face lung problems
May 25 09


Marijuana Use Linked to Increased Risk of Testicular Cancer
Feb 09 09


Lance Armstrong, top doctors launch cancer quest
Jul 24 08


Drug avoids radiation for early testicular cancer
Jun 03 08


Testicular Cancer Gauge Often Not Used
Mar 17 08


Couples more likely to divorce if spouse develops cervical or testicular cancer
Sep 27 07


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