Kindey Cancer News

Revealing kidney cancer’s secret
May 14 15


Physicians pioneer the use of stereotactic body radiation for deadly kidney cancer complication
Apr 07 15


NCCS pioneers new drug regimen which reduces toxicities for renal cancer patients
Mar 18 15


Study reveals a major mechanism driving kidney cancer progression
Mar 21 14


Everolimus slows disease progression in advanced papillary kidney cancer patients
Sep 28 13


URMC Study Clarifies Surgical Options for Kidney Cancer
Jul 24 13


Study questions kidney cancer treatment in elderly
Feb 13 13


New technique for minimally invasive robotic kidney cancer surgery
Dec 14 12


Study finds herbalists at higher urinary cancer risk
Nov 30 12


Kidney tumors have a mind of their own
Nov 23 12


Black patients with kidney cancer have poorer survival than whites
Nov 12 12


Folic acid may reduce some childhood cancers
May 20 12


Women fare better than men, but need more blood after kidney cancer surgery
May 15 12


Lead blood levels may increase smokers’ risk for kidney cancer
Jan 23 12


Novel therapy for metastatic kidney cancer developed at VCU Massey Cancer Center
Dec 15 10


Ablation proved as effective as traditional surgery in treating kidney cancer
Jun 02 10


Researchers Find Genetic Secrets to Common Kidney Cancer
May 19 10


Kidney removal does not prolong the lives of elderly patients with localized kidney cancer
May 10 10


Early childbirth, big family tied to kidney cancer
May 25 09


Can kidney disease cause cancer?
May 01 09


Diet can increase risk of kidney cancer
Apr 21 09


New drug prolongs survival of advanced kidney cancer
Jul 23 08


Majority of kidney cancers diagnosed at earliest stage
May 19 08


How Less Can Be More When Treating Some Kidney Cancers
Jan 09 08


2 drugs work better together than either alone against kidney cancer
Jul 30 07


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