Bladder Cancer News

What is Bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is a form of cancer that commonly begins in the cells lining the bladder, also known as transitional epithelium. As with all cancers, it can develop into a life-threatening illness - though most cases of bladder cancer (about 50%) are diagnosed at an early stage when the disease is highly treatable.

Bladder cancer is most commonly found in older people, with about 9 out of 10 diagnosed with bladder cancer over the age of 55 and the average age at the time of diagnosis being 73 years.

In 2004, bladder cancer was the 4th most prevalent cancer in men and the 11th most prevalent cancer in women.1 For 2014, the American Cancer Society estimates that there will be around 74,690 new cases diagnosed and 15,580 deaths from bladder cancer.2 The National Cancer Institute (NCI) define cancer as "a term for diseases in which abnormal cells divide without control and can invade nearby tissues."3 It can affect all organs of the body including the bladder - the organ that collects urine from the kidneys prior to it leaving the body through urination.

A better way to personalize bladder cancer treatments
Aug 17 15


Older, white males with advanced bladder cancer at high risk for suicide
Mar 04 15


Stanford scientists identify source of most cases of invasive bladder cancer
Apr 21 14


Certain Genetic Variants May Help Identify Patients at Increased Risk of Bladder Cancer Recurrence
Mar 31 14


Certain genetic variants may put bladder cancer patients at increased risk of recurrence
Mar 25 14


Genomic testing links ‘exceptional’ drug response to rare mutations in bladder cancer
Mar 12 14


UNC study reveals potential route to bladder cancer diagnostics, treatments
Feb 11 14


Lung and bladder cancers have common cell-cycle biomarkers
Jan 29 14


Muscle-invasive and non-muscle invasive bladder cancers arise from different stem cells
Dec 17 13


Spanish researchers sequence non-infiltrating bladder cancer exome
Oct 14 13


In a surprise finding, gene mutation found linked to low-risk bladder cancer
Oct 14 13


Standard, RHDVRT for bladder cancer has comparable tumor control, decreased toxicity
Oct 09 13


Familiar Remedy Shows Promise as New Chemo Drug for Bladder Cancer
Oct 03 13


3 out of every 4 cases of bladder cancer display mutations in the same gene
Sep 11 13


Certain bladder-cancer patients may be at high risk of disease recurrence despite bladder removal
May 07 13


Study finds herbalists at higher urinary cancer risk
Nov 30 12


High levels of vitamin D in plasma protects against bladder cancer
Oct 31 12


Arsenic cancer risk still high decades later in Chile region
Jan 24 12


Stanford computer algorithm used to identify bladder cancer marker
Jan 17 12


Estrogen use tied to bladder control problems
Oct 28 11


Thomas Jefferson University Hospital adopts new imaging agent to improve detection of bladder cancer
Oct 21 11


Not enough evidence for bladder cancer screening
Aug 17 11


Bladder cancer patients rarely receive recommended care
Jul 11 11


Nearly all patients with high-grade bladder cancer do not receive guideline-recommended care
Jul 11 11


New made-in-Canada therapy for bladder cancer shows promising results
May 24 11


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