Colorectal Cancer News

What is Colorectal cancer?

Cancer that begins in the colon is called colon cancer, and cancer that begins in the rectum is called rectal cancer. Cancers affecting either of these organs also may be called colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer occurs when some of the cells that line the colon or the rectum become abnormal and grow out of control. The abnormal growing cells create a tumor, which is the cancer.

Colon cancer, when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, surgical treatment followed by chemotherapy is highly successful. In the most difficult cases - when the cancer has metastasized to the liver, lungs or other sites - treatment can prolong and add to one's quality of life.

UA Cancer Center team questions safety, efficacy of selenium and colorectal cancer risk
Oct 14 16


Certain types of polyps may warrant keeping closer tabs on the colon
Apr 14 16


Biomarker predicts which stage II colon cancer patients may benefit from chemotherapy
Jan 21 16


NTU scientists use dead bacteria to kill colorectal cancer
Nov 09 15


UGR scientists patent an effective drug for treating breast, colon, and skin cancers
Oct 20 15


USPSTF Backs Aspirin for CVD, Colon Cancer Prevention
Sep 15 15


Reducing resistance to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer by inhibition of PHD1
Aug 19 15


Studies confirm regorafenib benefit in pre-treated metastatic colorectal cancer
Jul 06 15


Thin colorectal cancer patients have shorter survival than obese patients
Jul 01 15


Protein’s impact on colorectal cancer is dappled
Jun 30 15


Toxic mushroom-based drug may help battle colorectal cancer
Apr 22 15


Minimally invasive surgery safe for rectal cancer
Apr 05 15


NTU finds new treatment options for colon cancer
Apr 02 15


Penn vet team points to new colon cancer culprit
Mar 16 15


Reaching ‘80 percent by 2018’ would prevent more than 20,000 colorectal cancer deaths per year
Mar 12 15


Keck Medicine of USC researchers trace origins of colorectal cancer tumor cells
Feb 09 15


New approach to colorectal surgical care results in quicker recovery times and lower costs
Feb 06 15


Activated immune cells indicate a favorable prognosis in colorectal cancer
Feb 02 15


Incidence of colorectal cancer increasing in young adults
Jan 22 15


Oral drug reduces formation of precancerous polyps in the colon, UB researchers find
Oct 14 14


Sunshine vitamin ups bowel cancer survival odds, study finds
Jul 09 14


Colon cancer survivors are more likely to have pain in the back and abdomen
Jun 27 14


Synthetic Triterpenoids Show Promise in Preventing Colitis-Associated Colon Cancer
Jun 25 14


Screening has prevented half a million colorectal cancers
Jun 03 14


Researchers identify link between colon cancer and metabolism
May 13 14


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