Blood Cancer News

Many adolescent girls with leukemia are not being screened for pregnancy before beginning chemotherapy
Oct 12 16


New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia
Sep 27 16


Cancer treatment: Therapeutic approach gives hope for the treatment of multiple myeloma
Feb 05 16


Review provides further insight into link between hormone therapy and breast cancer
Apr 19 15


Mutations Need Help From Aging Tissue to Cause Leukemia
Dec 19 14


New combination therapy developed for multiple myeloma
May 01 14


Dana-Farber researchers uncover link between Down syndrome and leukemia
Apr 21 14


Systems medicine paves the way for improved treatment for leukemia patients
Dec 12 13


Study finds link between allergies and increased risk of blood cancers in women
Nov 22 13


Foundation to provide open access to blood cancer research data
Sep 24 13


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital study yields new strategy against high-risk leukemia
Aug 30 13


Major study links aging gene to blood cancer
Aug 19 13


African Americans with blood cancer do not live as long as caucasians, despite equal care
Jul 08 13


Algorithms find genetic cancer networks
May 01 13


Moffitt Cancer Center researchers study use of dasatinib for patients with high-risk MDS
Mar 21 13


Older And Younger Chronic Leukemia Patients May Need Different Therapy
Dec 13 12


New Research Helps Predict Susceptibility to Burkitt Lymphoma
Dec 12 12


RNA-Based Therapy Brings New Hope for an Incurable Blood Cancer
Oct 10 12


Progress in quest to reduce use of radiation in treatment of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma
Jun 27 12


Less Intensive Hodgkin’s Chemo Works Better
Apr 07 12


Myeloid Malignancies Underreported In U.S.
Mar 29 12


2 genetic variations predict second cancers after radiation for children with Hodgkin lymphoma
Jul 24 11


Weill Cornell drug stops aggressive form of childhood leukemia
May 24 11


Study reveals need for personalized approach in treatment of AML
May 16 11


Drug combination shows promise for newly diagnosed blood cancer patients
Dec 09 10


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