Uterine Cancer news

New biomarker for uterine cancer discovered
Apr 14 15


Bariatric surgery decreases risk of uterine cancer
Mar 22 14


Uterine cancer tied to later colon cancer - study
Apr 11 13


Delaying radiation therapy after hysterectomy ups risk of uterine cancer recurrence
Oct 30 12


Coffee drinkers show lower uterine cancer risk
Nov 23 11


Race may influence uterine cancer recurrence, despite treatment
Nov 01 10


Urinary tract cancer associated with Chinese herbal products containing aristolochic acid
Dec 22 09


Fertility drugs may pose some uterine cancer risk
Nov 25 09


Molecular imaging holds promise for early intervention in common uterine cancer
Oct 01 09


Obesity, early menopause tied to uterine cancer
Jun 23 09


Black women with uterine cancers more likely to die than white patients
Feb 09 09


Relationship Between Age at Diagnosis and Clinicopathologic Features of Renal Cell Carcinoma
Apr 17 07


Uterine Cancer May be Clue to Inherited Syndrome
Aug 03 06


Racial gap in uterine cancer survival shrinking
Jul 18 06


Rise in uterine cancer seen in women over 60 - report
Feb 08 06


Cancer fear high among women having hysterectomy
Jun 22 05

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