Cervical Cancer news

Young mother dies following year-long battle with cervical cancer because she was too young for a smear test
Aug 24 15


ACP releases advice for the proper time, test, and interval for cervical cancer screening
Apr 30 15


HPV vaccine should not be delayed
Apr 27 15


Only about half of teenage girls receive HPV vaccine at the CDC’s recommended age
Jan 21 15


Study shows Hera Therapeutics compound combats HPV types that cause most cervical cancer
Aug 23 14


Clearing cells to prevent cervical cancer
Jul 27 14


Personalized therapy helped women with advanced cervical cancer
Jun 02 14


US cervical cancer rates higher than previously reported, especially among older women
May 12 14


Current guidelines underestimate US cervical cancer incidence and older women’s risk
May 12 14


Research uncovers DNA looping damage tied to HPV cancer
Apr 16 14


Move to replace Pap smear with HPV test meets with skepticism
Mar 13 14


Targeted drug may prolong survival of patients with cervical cancer
Mar 09 14


Promising cervical cancer study
Feb 22 14


How to Improve HPV Vaccination Rates? It Starts with Physicians, Moffitt Researchers Say
Jan 21 14


International team completes systematic, genomic study of cervical cancer
Dec 25 13


Knowledge about HPV vaccine effectiveness lacking
Dec 08 13


Leadership void, not lack of money, slows efforts to address cervical cancer
Nov 03 13


1 dose of HPV vaccine may be enough to prevent cervical cancer
Nov 03 13


HPV vaccination rates alarmingly low among young adult women in South
Oct 30 13


Scandinavia study finds HPV vaccine safe
Oct 23 13


Parental Perceptions are Preventing HPV Vaccination Success
Oct 21 13


Brachytherapy to treat cervical cancer declines in US, treatment associated with higher survival
Sep 11 13


Study finds genomic differences in types of cervical cancer
Aug 25 13


Physicians slow to implement HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening guidelines
Jul 09 13


Pretesting cervical tumors could inform treatment
Jun 02 13


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