Throat Cancer news

Campaign increases mouth and throat cancer screenings among low-income rural Floridians
May 14 15


BRAF Mutation Not Prognostic in Thyroid Ca
Sep 14 13


Blood tests could detect sexually-transmitted oral cancers
Jun 17 13


HPV improves survival for African-Americans with throat cancer
Mar 31 13


Novel Sequencing Tools to Play Important Role in Understanding Form of Papillary Thyroid Cancer
Sep 23 12


Blacks with throat cancer get harsher therapy
Jul 18 12


New indicator may help identify patients with increased risk from throat cancer
Jan 16 12


Oral cancer deaths declining among well-educated
Nov 24 11


Scientists find genes associated with throat cancer through study of over 10,000 subjects
May 31 10


Steaming-hot tea linked to throat cancer risk
May 11 09


Drinking very hot tea can increase the risk of throat cancer
Mar 27 09


Lymphoepithelial Cyst of the Mediastinum: study
Jan 22 08


Disparities among patients with extremity soft-tissue sarcomas
Jan 22 08


Voice therapy helpful after early throat cancer
Jan 27 06


Smoking lowers chances of surviving throat cancer
Dec 09 05

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