Stomach Cancer news

Biomarker helps predict survival time in gastric cancer patients
Sep 08 15


New at-risk group identified for gastrointestinal stromal tumors
Oct 08 14


Gastroesophageal Cancer Tied to Weight as a Teen
Oct 15 13


3 subtypes of gastric cancer suggest different treatment approaches
Aug 28 13


Potential new treatment for gastrointestinal cancers discovered
Jan 17 13


Bowel cancer test delayed by IT glitch
Dec 12 12


Scientists discover how stomach cancer spreads
Nov 13 12


Experts identify critical genes mutated in stomach cancer
Apr 09 12


Novel gene mutations associated with bile duct cancer
Jan 18 12


T-regulatory lymphocytes in gastrointestinal cancer
Jan 31 11


Red meat linked to esophageal, stomach cancer risks
Nov 08 10


Molecule identified that increases survival of stomach cancer patients
Sep 14 10


Study Examines Incidence of Gastric Cancer
May 05 10


Chemotherapy After Gastric Cancer Surgery Appears to Provide Survival Benefit
May 05 10


Yes-associated protein: Early diagnosis of gastric carcinoma
Sep 16 09


Gastrin Plays Significant Role in Helicobacter-Induced Stomach Cancer
Jun 26 09


Broccoli Sprouts May Prevent Stomach Cancer by Defeating Helicobacter Pylori
Apr 06 09


Candidate markers for gastric cancer
Oct 29 08


Asians with gastric cancer have better prognosis
Aug 23 08


New research from Rhode Island Hospital may help predict outcomes for stomach cancer patients
Jul 16 08


Smokeless tobacco associated with stomach cancer
Mar 15 08


Genetic Mutations Identified for Type of Gastric Cancer
Jun 04 07


Eating processed meats raises stomach cancer risk
Aug 03 06


Roche’s Xeloda effective in stomach cancer
Apr 06 06


Dietary iron linked to upper GI cancer risk
Dec 12 05

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