Oral Cancer News

Campaign increases mouth and throat cancer screenings among low-income rural Floridians
May 14 15


Researchers hone in on way to predict aggressiveness of oral cancer
Jun 27 14


Oropharyngeal cancer on the rise in young adults
Jan 29 14


Surgery beats chemotherapy for tongue cancer, U-M study finds
Dec 26 13


Michael Douglas Had Tongue Cancer, Not Throat Cancer: My Doctor Said To Lie
Oct 13 13


Blood tests could detect sexually-transmitted oral cancers
Jun 17 13


NIH scientists find promising biomarker for predicting HPV-related oropharynx cancer
Jun 17 13


New gene test detects early mouth cancer risk
Oct 04 12


Light drinking may relate to increase in risk for certain cancers
Sep 19 12


Metformin May Lower Risk for Oral Cancer Development
Apr 01 12


Oral cancer deaths declining among well-educated
Nov 24 11


Outcomes after recurrence of oral cancer vary by timing, site
Dec 21 10


New ‘dentist’ test to detect oral cancer will save lives
Aug 09 10


Gene may hold key to reducing spread of oral cancers
Jul 23 10


HPV-Positive Tumor Status Indicates Better Survival in Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer
Jun 08 10


Ten Minutes That Could Save Your Life
Apr 07 10


SIBLING proteins may predict oral cancer
Feb 23 10


Does Green Tea Prevent Cancer? Evidence Continues to Brew, But Questions Remain
Nov 05 09


Green Tea Shows Promise as Chemoprevention Agent for Oral Cancer
Nov 05 09


Oropharyngeal cancer patients experience post-surgery sleep apnea
Oct 06 09


MicroRNA in human saliva may help diagnose oral cancer
Aug 25 09


5 Ways to Spot and Stop Smoking-Related Cancers
Jan 15 09


Unique Surgery Creates Fully Usable Tongue
Dec 15 08


Saliva proteins could help detection of oral cancer
Oct 01 08


Burning incense increases risk of respiratory tract cancers
Aug 26 08


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