Blood Cancer News

Petrochemicals linked to leukemia in young adults
Aug 03 06


Drug Fights Multiple Myeloma by Putting “Brakes” on Cell Proliferation
Aug 03 06


Anemic Children with Cancer Benefit from Erythropoietin
Jul 28 06


Mutations Point the Way to New Leukemia Drugs
Jul 18 06


Anemia ups hospitalization, death risk for elderly
Jun 30 06


HK scientists uncover workings behind leukemia
Jun 20 06


Burkitt lymphoma gene expression signature identified
Jun 15 06


Dasatinib offers new options for leukemia patients
Jun 15 06


On the Forefront of the Fight Against Multiple Myeloma
Jun 06 06


ODC Therapy, Inc. Reports Melanoma Vaccine Research Results
Jun 06 06


Celgene drug boosts multiple myeloma survival
Jun 05 06


No link between leukemia risk and nuclear plants
May 31 06


Finding indicate why some kinds of Leukemia are more aggressive than others
May 01 06


Researchers Unlock Mystery of Very Aggressive Leukemia
Apr 20 06


Researchers Seek Alternative for Leukemia Patients Resistant to Standard Therapies
Apr 03 06


Hodgkin’s survivors at increased risk for leukemia
Feb 01 06


White Blood Cell Count, Inflammation Linked to Cancer Deaths
Jan 23 06


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