Skin Cancer news

Parents favor genetic testing for melanoma in their children
Dec 22 10


About one-fifth of women, less than 7 percent of men report use of indoor tanning
Dec 21 10


Ultraviolet light helps skin cancer cells thrive, researchers report
Dec 08 10


Not Only Skin Deep: Penn Study on Skin Formation Suggests Strategies to Fight Skin Cancer
Dec 06 10


Widely Used Arthritis Pill Protects Against Skin Cancer
Dec 03 10


Studies show how skin cancer evades promising drug
Nov 24 10


New approaches to skin cancer prevention
Oct 24 10


Image Analysis Project Aims to Classify Characteristics of Skin Cancer
Sep 09 10


Skin Cancer Detection Made Quicker, Easier by Missouri S&T Researchers
Aug 10 10


Analysis Finds Sunscreens Containing Retinyl Palmitate Do Not Cause Skin Cancer
Aug 10 10


The evolution of melanoma diagnosis: 25 years beyond the ABCDs
Jul 29 10


HPV infection linked to increased risk of skin cancer
Jul 09 10


Researchers Find Structural Basis for Incidence of Skin Cancers in a Genetic Disorder
Jun 23 10


Tanning beds raise melanoma risk, US study finds
May 28 10


Loyola Dermatologists To Offer Free Skin Cancer Screenings
Apr 28 10


Few People Over 50 Receive Skin Cancer Screenings
Apr 19 10


Melanoma survivors at higher risk of other cancers
Mar 17 10


Certain pain medications do not appear to be associated with skin cancer risk
Feb 15 10


Discovery at JGH opens door to new treatments for prostate, brain and skin cancers
Jan 08 10


Trends in melanoma incidence and stage at diagnosis vary by racial and ethnic group
Dec 22 09


Heart transplant patients appear to have elevated risk for multiple skin cancers
Dec 22 09


Special ultrasound accurately identifies skin cancer
Dec 02 09


Study reveals possible link between IBD therapy and skin cancer
Oct 26 09


Low-fat eating best after skin cancer: study
Oct 23 09


Melanoma treatment options 1 step closer
Oct 20 09


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