Skin Cancer news

Oklahoma doctors, cancer survivor warn of sun danger
May 25 12


Screening finds skin cancer, but does it save lives?
May 24 12


Young adults ignore skin-cancer warnings
May 10 12


Women with melanoma fare better than men
May 01 12


Skin Cancer Spread Tied to Gene
Apr 20 12


More Accurate Method Required for Tracking Skin Cancer Cases
Apr 05 12


Mayo Clinic study finds dramatic rise in skin cancer in young adults
Apr 02 12


Roche melanoma pill spurs growth of less harmful cancers
Jan 19 12


Tanning beds raise risk of common skin cancer: study
Dec 13 11


IBD patients face increased skin cancer risk
Nov 21 11


Stop signal discovered for skin cancer
Nov 15 11


Panel backs skin cancer advice for youths
Nov 09 11


Inner workings of virus responsible for rare skin cancer
Sep 15 11


Targeting PTEN May Prevent Skin Cancer
Jul 26 11


Genetics of melanoma chemoresistance
Jun 06 11


Lack of Important ‘Gatekeeper’ Protein Linked to Skin Cancer
May 18 11


Loyola Dermatologists To Offer Free Skin Cancer Screenings
May 09 11


Light, chemistry, action—a new technique to target skin cancers?
Apr 11 11


Lifelong Prevention Still Key to Beating Skin Cancer
Apr 06 11


Researchers use zebrafish to identify new gene linked to melanoma
Apr 05 11


Melanoma rates higher in wealthy white women
Mar 22 11


Lasers ID deadly skin cancer better than doctors
Feb 23 11


Relatives of melanoma patients ignore their skin cancer risk
Feb 21 11


A Sun-Triggered Protein Drives Skin Cancer
Feb 04 11


Biomarker test shows promise for melanoma diagnosis
Jan 24 11


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