Pancreatic Cancer news

Biomarkers in blood show potential as early detection method of pancreatic cancer
Jan 21 14


Researchers find potential new treatment approach for pancreatic cancer
Dec 20 13


Tree nut consumption associated with reduced risk of pancreatic cancer in women
Nov 07 13


Preclinical study finds drug helps against pancreatic cancer
Oct 24 13


Long-Term Obesity Is Associated with Poorer Pancreatic Cancer Survival
Oct 21 13


Pancreatic cancer patient survival ‘significantly higher’ with nab-paclitaxel, says TGen-led study
Oct 16 13


Abraxane’s Approval for Pancreatic Cancer Is a Major Milestone for Celgene
Sep 30 13


Targeted radiation therapy safe, effective treatment for elderly with pancreatic cancer
Sep 24 13


Diet quality linked to pancreatic cancer risk
Sep 14 13


Scientists pinpoint a new molecular mechanism tied to pancreatic cancer
Aug 23 13


Molecular marker from pancreatic ‘juices’ helps identify pancreatic cancer
May 20 13


New metabolite-based diagnostic test could help detect pancreatic cancer early
Mar 31 13


Bitter melon juice prevents pancreatic cancer in mouse models
Mar 12 13


Molecular master switch for pancreatic cancer identified, potential predictor of treatment outcome
Feb 12 13


Celgene’s Abraxane increases survival in pancreatic cancer
Jan 23 13


TGen, Scottsdale Healthcare study shows drug combination extends pancreatic cancer patient survival
Jan 23 13


Smoking, heavy drinking linked to earlier onset of pancreatic cancer
Oct 01 12


Bacteria may signal pancreatic cancer risk
Sep 19 12


Study helps pancreatic cancer patients make hard choices
Aug 24 12


New treatment protocol extends survival in some cases of once inoperable pancreatic cancer
Jun 27 12


Pancreatic Cancer May Be Detected with Simple Intestinal Probe
May 21 12


‘Brake gene’ turned off in pancreatic cancer
Apr 30 12


Advanced pancreatic tumors depend on continued oncogene activity
Apr 26 12


Nutritional supplement works against some pancreatic cancer cells in mice
Apr 03 12


The protein survivin could be a useful biomarker for pancreatic cancer
Apr 01 12


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