Fungi may lead to cheaper cancer treatment: University of Guelph study
Sep 24 15


Molecular ‘feedback loop’ may explain tamoxifen resistance in patients with breast cancer
Sep 23 15


New smart robot accelerates cancer treatment research
Sep 22 15


Two-drug combination shows promise against one type of pancreatic cancer
Sep 22 15


More men at risk for prostate cancer as a result of less regular screening
Sep 22 15


Breast cancer: Care in Germany
Sep 21 15


IRB Barcelona identifies the gene responsible for metastasis of breast cancer to the bone
Sep 16 15


USPSTF Backs Aspirin for CVD, Colon Cancer Prevention
Sep 15 15


Lung Cancer on the Rise in Nonsmokers - But Why?
Sep 14 15


Nearly half of testicular cancer risk comes from inherited genetic faults
Sep 09 15


Biomarker helps predict survival time in gastric cancer patients
Sep 08 15


Prophylactic surgery nearly doubles in men with breast cancer
Sep 02 15


New genetic mutation identified in melanoma cancer cells
Sep 02 15


Men in China face increasing tobacco-related cancer risks
Sep 02 15


Moffitt makes important steps toward developing a blood test to catch pancreatic cancer early
Aug 28 15


Young mother dies following year-long battle with cervical cancer because she was too young for a smear test
Aug 24 15


TGen study finds genes associated with improved survival for pancreatic cancer patients
Aug 21 15


Reducing resistance to chemotherapy in colorectal cancer by inhibition of PHD1
Aug 19 15


A better way to personalize bladder cancer treatments
Aug 17 15


Can stem cells cause and cure cancer?
Aug 13 15


New biomarker identified in breast and prostate cancers holds promise for treating disease
Aug 07 15


Scientists discover cancer markers may be present early during human development
Aug 05 15


Exercise during teen years linked to lowered risk of cancer death later
Aug 04 15


Breast cancer survivors who experience pain during intercourse may benefit from lidocaine
Jul 28 15


Mayo researchers decode molecular action of combination therapy for deadly thyroid cancer
Jul 23 15


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