Bone Cancer news

IRB Barcelona identifies the gene responsible for metastasis of breast cancer to the bone
Sep 16 15


Kite Pharma announces positive results in patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
Aug 26 14


Study shows benefit of new maintenance therapy for multiple myeloma
May 12 12


Towards more effective treatment for multiple myeloma
Jan 09 12


U of M researchers look to dogs to better understand intricacies of bone cancer
Jul 28 11


Radical Surgery Removes Half of Pelvis, Saves Leg
Mar 22 11


Approved lymphoma drug shows promise in early tests against bone cancer
Nov 05 09


Going out on a limb
Oct 19 09


Yeast unravels effects of chemotherapy drugs
Sep 10 09


New Hope for Deadly Childhood Bone Cancer
Aug 31 09


Whites at greatest risk for rare bone cancer
Jun 22 09


Injured Marines at risk for abnormal bone growth
May 01 09


Immune-Based Drug Approved in Europe for Pediatric Cancer Patients
Mar 10 09


Researchers Identify Potential Therapeutic Target in Osteosarcoma
Mar 02 09


Children with bone cancer at risk for second cancer
Dec 04 08


Researchers Explore Issues Related to Multiple Myeloma Treatment
Oct 07 08


New study shows positive role physical therapists play in lymphedema diagnois and treatment
May 26 08


Freezing Bone Cancer Tumors Reduces Pain
Nov 28 07


Oral Drug Sets New Survival Standard for Bone Marrow Cancer
Nov 22 07


Children with cancer risk fragile bones
Feb 26 07


Creating New Life Forms That May Help Eradicate Cancer Affecting Women
Feb 26 07


Drug Used for Advanced Cancer Could Cause Exposed Bone in Jaw
Oct 03 06


Several factors affect bone marrow volume reduction
Oct 01 06


A New Way to Build Bone
Jun 06 06


Children with bone cancer in their arms or legs survival rate improved
Apr 21 06

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