Thyroid Cancer news

Mayo researchers decode molecular action of combination therapy for deadly thyroid cancer
Jul 23 15


Newly updated treatment guidelines for medullary thyroid carcinoma
Mar 27 15


Radiation exposure linked to aggressive thyroid cancers
Oct 28 14


Secondary thyroid cancer more deadly than primary malignancy in young individuals
Feb 23 14


Measuring segments of genetic material may help predict and monitor recurrence after thyroid cancer
Oct 27 13


Penn Medicine researcher unveils findings on 2 new weapons against thyroid cancer
Sep 28 13


High-tech imaging contributing to overdiagnosis of low-risk thyroid cancers
Aug 28 13


Vandetanib in thyroid cancer: added benefit not proven
Aug 02 13


Mutation Hikes Death Risk in Thyroid Cancer
Apr 10 13


Two-Drug Combination May Slow Deadly Thyroid Cancer
Jan 09 13


Disparities Exist in Surgical Management of Thyroid Cancer
Sep 23 12


Thyroid cancer risk persists decades after radiation
Aug 17 12


Study suggests obese patients have more advanced, aggressive papillary thyroid cancer
May 21 12


Papillary Thyroid Cancer (PTC): Overview
Jan 22 12


Statistics About Thyroid Cancer
Jan 22 12


Key Statistics About Thyroid Cancer
Jan 22 12


Thyroid cancer on the rise
Jan 22 12


The Rising Incidence of Thyroid Cancer
Jan 22 12


Removal of lymph nodes during surgery for thyroid cancer may be beneficial
Dec 20 11


BRAF addiction of thyroid cancers makes them therapeutically vulnerable
Nov 21 11


Thyroid Cancer Treatment Varies by Hospital
Aug 19 11


Overtreatment of thyroid cancer rampant: study
Aug 17 11


Fighting cancer with cancer: Mayo Clinic finds promising use for thyroid cancer gene
Jun 06 11


Decades after Childhood Radiation, Thyroid Cancer a Concern
Dec 16 10


Targeted Therapy Decreases Progression Rate In Thyroid Cancer
Sep 22 10

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