Head and Neck Cancer News

What is Head and Neck cancer?

Cancers that are known collectively as head and neck cancers usually begin in the squamous cells that line the moist, mucosal surfaces inside the head and neck (for example, inside the mouth, the nose, and the throat). These squamous cell cancers are often referred to as squamous cell carcinomas of the head and neck. Head and neck cancers can also begin in the salivary glands, but salivary gland cancers are relatively uncommon. Salivary glands contain many different types of cells that can become cancerous, so there are many different types of salivary gland cancer.

Cancers of the head and neck are further categorized by the area of the head or neck in which they begin.

Tobacco use is the most preventable cause of these deaths. In the United States, up to 200,000 people die each year from smoking-related illnesses. The good news is that this figure has decreased due to the increasing number of Americans who have quit smoking. The bad news is that some of these smokers switched to smokeless or spit tobacco, assuming it is a safe alternative.

Factors behind head and neck cancer revealed
Mar 13 08


Researchers ID behavioral risk factors for head and neck cancers
Mar 12 08


PET/CT Planning Beneficial for Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Mar 04 08


Recurrent Brain Cancer Responds to New Treatment
Feb 28 08


Early detection critical in treating pediatric thyroid cancer
Feb 01 08


Disparities among patients with extremity soft-tissue sarcomas
Jan 22 08


Alcohol and cancer: is drinking the new smoking?
Sep 26 07


HPV’s Link to Head and Neck Cancer Investigated at Vanderbilt-Ingram
Sep 17 07


Study Finds Promising Chemoradiation Therapy
Sep 16 07


New Insight on Survival for Patients with Head and Neck Cancers
Sep 16 07


Customized Virus Kills Brain Tumor Stem Cells that Drive Lethal Cancer
Sep 12 07


Smoking increases risks for head and neck cancers for men and women
Aug 27 07


A new radiation therapy treatment developed for head and neck cancer patients
Aug 17 07


Immune deficiency linked to a type of eye cancer
Aug 14 07


Tobacco and alcohol use independently increase risk of head and neck cancer
May 15 07


New Protocol Targets Aggressive Brain Cancer
Mar 05 07


Genetic Risk Factor Found for Head and Neck Cancer in Smokers
Jan 25 07


Novel Suicide Gene Therapy Used to Treat Malignant Brain Tumors
Dec 04 06


Prenatal Vitamins May Reduce Risk of Brain Tumors in Children
Sep 20 06


Venom protein may lead to brain cancer cure
Jul 31 06


Determining the genetic composition of brain cancers informs treatment, predicts outcome
Jul 11 06


Study Compares Treatment Options for Patients with Brain Metastases
Jun 07 06


First animal model that mimics human head and neck cancer
May 16 06


Protein Expression Holds Promise for Head and Neck Cancer Detection
May 10 06


Cause and treatment for aggressive head and neck cancer may have been found
Apr 26 06


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