Colorectal Cancer News

What is Colorectal cancer?

Cancer that begins in the colon is called colon cancer, and cancer that begins in the rectum is called rectal cancer. Cancers affecting either of these organs also may be called colorectal cancer.

Colorectal cancer occurs when some of the cells that line the colon or the rectum become abnormal and grow out of control. The abnormal growing cells create a tumor, which is the cancer.

Colon cancer, when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, surgical treatment followed by chemotherapy is highly successful. In the most difficult cases - when the cancer has metastasized to the liver, lungs or other sites - treatment can prolong and add to one's quality of life.

Post-Treatment Diet Patterns Explored in Colorectal Cancer Patients
Dec 17 09


Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Reduce Risk of Colon Cancer
Dec 08 09


Cigarette smoking increases colorectal cancer risk
Dec 03 09


CT scans may predict survival in colorectal cancer
Dec 02 09


Other Illnesses, Body Weight Do Not Explain Racial Disparities in Colon Cancer Survival
Nov 23 09


‘Cross-talk’ Mechanism Contributes to Colorectal Cancer
Nov 15 09


African-Americans with colorectal cancer have poorer outcomes, lower survival rates
Nov 12 09


Minimally Invasive Surgery Shown Safe and Effective Treatment for Rectal Cancer
Nov 10 09


NSAIDs tied to reduced death after colon cancer
Oct 29 09


How to Lower Costs, Waiting Times for Colonoscopies
Oct 06 09


Women fare better than men with metastatic colorectal cancer—are hormones helping?
Sep 30 09


Language a Barrier to Colorectal Cancer Screening in Mexican-Americans
Sep 08 09


Where one lives impacts colon cancer survival
Sep 07 09


Colorectal cancer attitudes vary by ethnicity
Aug 26 09


How Diarrheal Bacteria Cause Some Colon Cancers
Aug 24 09


New treatments offer better survival and fresh challenges in colorectal cancer
Aug 22 09


Daily drinking may raise risk of several cancers
Aug 22 09


Aspirin cuts colon cancer death risk: U.S. study
Aug 12 09


Morning colonoscopy may catch more polyps
Aug 12 09


Genetic Testing May Be Valuable in Treating Colorectal Cancer
Jul 27 09


Racial gap in colon cancer diagnosis, treatment
Jul 14 09


Diet, smoking, exercise key in colon cancer risk
Jul 08 09


Risk of cancer
Jun 29 09


Less Invasive CT-Scan Based Colorectal Cancer Screening Method Shows Good Accuracy
Jun 17 09


“Navigators” help improve colon cancer screening
Jun 15 09


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