Prostate Cancer news

MU Study Finds More Accurate Method to Diagnose Pancreatic Cancer
Nov 07 13


Costly prostate therapy common when docs own the machine
Oct 23 13


Prostate cancer: A change in circulating tumor cells detection has high potential in the prediction
Oct 12 13


High Medicare spending on prostate cancer screenings, but little benefit for older men
Oct 03 13


New Urine Test for Prostate Cancer Available; Unlike PSA Test, is Ultra-Specific for Prostate Cancer
Sep 27 13


Abiraterone acetate delays quality of life decline in men with metastatic prostate cancer
Sep 25 13


Drug safely cuts prostate cancer risk, study finds
Aug 18 13


Prostate cancer screening: New data support watchful waiting
Aug 14 13


More evidence not all prostate cancers need treatment
Jul 21 13


Prostate cancer hormonal therapy tied to kidney risks
Jul 17 13


Shared decision-making uncommon for PSA tests
Jul 12 13


Observation for prostate cancer questioned in blacks
Jun 28 13


New medication treats drug-resistant prostate cancer in the laboratory
Jun 17 13


Vegetable fats tied to less prostate cancer spread
Jun 10 13


New diagnostic technology may lead to individualized treatments for prostate cancer
May 29 13


Agent Orange exposure linked to life-threatening prostate cancer
May 12 13


Soy and tomato combo may be effective in preventing prostate cancer
May 09 13


Gene test may help guide prostate cancer treatment
May 08 13


Insomnia doubles the risk of prostate cancer, study claims
May 06 13


Some prostate cancer patients more likely to die after weekend ER visits
May 06 13


Urologists Ease PSA Testing Advice
May 04 13


VEGF may not be relevant biomarker for advanced prostate cancer
Apr 29 13


First genetic factor in prostate cancer prognosis identified
Apr 09 13


Doctors group questions prostate cancer screening
Apr 09 13


Virginia Tech study finds virus promising for prostate cancer treatment
Apr 08 13


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