Prostate Cancer news

Doctor characteristics may influence prostate cancer treatment
Jul 15 14


Semen Test for Prostate Cancer Helps Diagnose Early Warning Signs
Jun 09 14


Prostate cancer biomarkers identified in seminal fluid
Jun 08 14


Circumcision linked to reduced risk of prostate cancer in some men
May 29 14


Dogs can sniff out prostate cancer in urine
May 20 14


Robot-assisted prostate cancer surgery as safe but more expensive as open surgery in older men
May 19 14


Older, sicker men with early-stage prostate cancer do not benefit from aggressive treatment
May 13 14


Vitamin D deficiency may predict aggressive prostate cancer
May 02 14


Prostate cancer and blood lipids share genetic links
May 01 14


Chronic inflammation linked to ‘high-grade’ prostate cancer
Apr 17 14


Measure of circulating tumor cells may be better predictor of prostate cancer survival than PSA test
Mar 22 14


Prostate specific antigen screening declines after 2012 USPSTF recommendations
Mar 13 14


Bone turnover markers predict prostate cancer outcomes
Mar 09 14


UCLA study finds robotic-assisted prostate surgery offers better cancer control
Mar 02 14


Mayo Clinic identifies a key cellular pathway in prostate cancer
Feb 11 14


Prostate cancer signal reawakens ‘sleeper agent’ cells in bones
Jan 29 14


BPA increases risk of cancer in human prostate tissue
Jan 07 14


Better guidelines, coordination needed for prostate cancer specialists
Dec 09 13


Potential biological factor contributing to racial disparities in prostate cancer
Dec 08 13


Prostate cancer biomarker may predict patient outcomes
Dec 05 13


Protein in prostate biopsies signals increased cancer risk
Dec 03 13


Genetic mutation may play key role in risk of lethal prostate cancer in overweight patients
Dec 02 13


Italian study examines clinical predictors of acute urinary symptoms after radiotherapy for prostate
Nov 15 13


Deaths from pancreatic cancer rise, fall along racial lines
Nov 12 13


Balloon mis-positioning during prostate cancer treatment could affect success of radiation delivery
Nov 12 13


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