Cancer news

Common sense health for young adult cancer survivors
Apr 10 14


TGen-led study spotlights dog DNA role in developing new therapies for human cancers
Mar 18 14


Cancer therapy may be too targeted
Mar 16 14


Cancer vaccine could use immune system to fight tumors
Feb 27 14


The only top 10 cancer where survival rates are falling
Feb 25 14


New treatment proposed to prevent intestinal inflammation in cancer patients
Feb 18 14


Small non-coding RNAs could be warning signs of cancer
Feb 17 14


Aveo, Astellas end pact to develop cancer drug tivozanib
Feb 15 14


Metal implants may cut chemotherapy side effects, study suggests
Feb 13 14


MD Anderson guides intelligent redesign of cancer care delivery model
Feb 05 14


Genetic function discovered that could offer new avenue to cancer therapies
Feb 03 14


Report outlines progress, challenges in childhood cancer
Feb 01 14


Cancer Statistics 2014: Death rates continue to drop
Jan 07 14


UEA scientists make advance in cancer research
Jan 03 14


UTSW study identifies potential therapeutic target for incurable, rare type of soft-tissue cancer
Dec 26 13


What Does Compassion Sound Like?
Dec 26 13


Many doctors report trouble getting cancer drugs
Dec 18 13


Cancer diagnosis more likely to limit careers for patients from rural areas
Dec 12 13


Methylation signaling controls angiogenesis and cancer growth
Nov 28 13


Global study reveals pandemic of untreated cancer pain due to over-regulation of pain medicines
Nov 27 13


Blacks have less access to cancer specialists, treatment
Nov 19 13


Higher than normal levels of Vitamin B12 may indicate cancer risk
Nov 18 13


Childhood cancer treatment takes toll on hearts of survivors
Nov 17 13


Protein coding ‘junk genes’ may be linked to cancer
Nov 17 13


Biologists ID new cancer weakness
Nov 14 13


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