Cancer news

Schoolgirl comment points to antibiotics as new cancer treatments
Jan 28 15


Scientists invent system to improve effectiveness of cancer surgery
Jan 20 15


Scientists identify rare cancer’s genetic pathway
Dec 26 14


HIV No Bar to Transplant for Lymphoma
Dec 08 14


Detecting Cancer Earlier is Goal of Rutgers-Developed Medical Imaging Technology
Oct 21 14


Patients with advanced, incurable cancer denied palliative care
Sep 19 14


Exercise Boosts Tumor-fighting Ability of Chemotherapy, Penn Team Finds
Sep 19 14


Promising new cancer therapy uses molecular ‘Trash Man’ to exploit a common cancer defense
Aug 27 14


Scientists uncover navigation system used by cancer, nerve cells
Aug 25 14


Protein found to block benefits of vitamin A cancer therapy
Aug 14 14


Is Europe putting cancer research at risk?
Jul 26 14


Study shows epigenetic changes can drive cancer
Jul 26 14


Viral therapy could boost limb-saving cancer treatment
Jul 22 14


Capturing cancer: a powerful new technique for early diagnosis
Jul 14 14


Upending a cancer dogma
Jul 02 14


Cancer Risk: Aspirin and Smoking Affect Aging of Genes
Jul 01 14


Childhood cancer survivors hospitalized frequently years after cancer treatment
Jun 12 14


Cancer doctors urged to consider value when treating patients
May 31 14


An area’s level of poverty or wealth may affect the distribution of cancer types
May 27 14


Study identifies how signals trigger cancer cells to spread
May 26 14


Cancer patient demands rarely lead to unnecessary tests and treatments
May 15 14


New Method Sneaks Drugs into Cancer Cells Before Triggering Release
May 11 14


Focused ultrasound reduces cancer pain
May 05 14


Virus-fighting genes linked to mutations in cancer
Apr 13 14


Brain cell discovery could open doors to targeted cancer therapies
Apr 11 14


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