Cancer news

Genetic aberration paves the way for new treatment of cancer disease
Nov 06 13


Microbes in the gut help determine risk of tumors
Nov 05 13


Double-pronged attack could treat common children’s cancer
Nov 01 13


Mount Sinai oncologists improve quality of care for cancer patients
Oct 31 13


Researchers Discover How Cancer ‘Invisibility Cloak’ Works
Oct 28 13


HIV drugs may get new role in fighting cancer
Oct 28 13


Doctors rarely discuss risks of cancer screening
Oct 21 13


Skid Row Cancer Study Has Implications for Treatment Today, Penn Researcher Says
Oct 19 13


Air pollution a leading cause of cancer - U.N. agency
Oct 17 13


Light triggers death switch in cancer cells
Oct 16 13


Small bits of genetic material fight cancer’s spread
Oct 15 13


Compound in Grapes, Red Wine Could Help Treat Multiple Types of Cancer, Study Finds
Oct 12 13


Novel Gene Therapy Enables Persistent Anti-Tumor Immune Response
Oct 09 13


Red wine chemical remains effective against cancer after the body converts it
Oct 02 13


How new cancer drugs can skip randomized trials
Sep 30 13


Married People May Be Likelier to Survive Cancer: Study
Sep 26 13


Unexpected use of former cancer drug
Aug 30 13


New MR analysis technique reveals brain tumor response to anti-angiogenesis therapy
Aug 19 13


Proton Therapy Offers New, Precise Cancer Treatment for Children with High-Risk Neuroblastoma
Aug 14 13


Family members of children with cancer may also be at risk
Aug 08 13


Percentage of cancers linked to viruses potentially overestimated
Aug 05 13


Mechanism offers promising new approach for harnessing the immune system to fight cancer
Aug 05 13


Stem cell discovery furthers research on cell-based therapy and cancer
Jul 22 13


New Plan of Attack in Cancer Fight: Two-Drug Combination, Under Certain Circumstances, Can Eliminate
Jul 21 13


New hope in the fight against childhood cancer
Jul 11 13


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