Cancer news

New portable device could test how ‘squishy’ cancerous tumors are
May 20 15


Leicester research team identifies potential new targets for cancer treatments
May 11 15


Study links father’s age and risk of blood cancer as an adult
May 11 15


Danish discovery accelerates targeted cancer treatment
May 08 15


Scientists dramatically improve method for finding common genetic alterations in tumors
May 05 15


Moderate exercise may make cancer treatments more effective, kinesiologist finds
May 05 15


A new finding on cell movement dynamics sheds light on cancer therapy
May 04 15


Compact synchrotron makes tumors visible
Apr 30 15


Cancer and chemobrain: Cancer diagnosis affects cognitive function
Apr 17 15


Keep moving, studies advise cancer survivors
Apr 16 15


Protein finding can pave the way for improved treatment of malignant melanoma
Apr 15 15


Review highlights potential of cancer immunotherapy plus targeted therapy
Apr 09 15


Cost of cancer drugs varies widely based on who’s paying
Apr 07 15


Cancer prevention efforts in the US a mixed bag
Apr 01 15


Number of childhood cancer survivors increasing, most have morbidities
Apr 01 15


To stop cancer: Block its messages
Mar 30 15


Cancer and food
Mar 25 15


A cancer research breakthrough
Mar 24 15


Certain factors influence whether cancer patients involve family members in treatment decisions
Feb 23 15


New test to predict the effectiveness of cancer vaccines
Feb 19 15


A cancer false alarm could discourage people from checking out future symptoms
Feb 11 15


Heating targeted cancer drugs increases uptake in tumor cells
Feb 11 15


How tumor-causing cells are recruited in cancers linked to chronic inflammation
Feb 09 15


Tiny robotic ‘hands’ could improve cancer diagnostics, drug delivery
Feb 04 15


Study sheds new light on aggressive cancer in children
Feb 03 15


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