Liver Cancer news

Study shows broccoli may offer protection against liver cancer
Mar 03 16


Georgia State research paves way for early detection of liver cancer
May 14 15


Genomic analyses point to the potential of personalised care for liver cancer patients
Apr 23 15


Liver-sparing operation associated with higher survival rates in cancer patients
Mar 12 15


Hot on the trail of the hepatitis-liver cancer connection
Jan 30 15


Useful markers to predict response to chemotherapy in patients with liver cancer
Oct 23 14


Liver cancer vaccine effective in mice
Jun 04 14


Genetic flaw in males triggers onset of liver cancer, diabetes
Dec 09 13


Nuclear Medicine Therapy Increases Survival for Patients with Colorectal Cancer Liver Metastases
Nov 06 13


Discovered a mechanism that induces migration of tumor cells in liver cancer
Nov 06 13


Coffee consumption reduces risk of liver cancer
Oct 22 13


Men-only hepatitis B mutation explains higher cancer rates
Oct 17 13


New test enables early diagnosis of liver cancer
Sep 19 13


Novel screening tests for liver cancer
Apr 27 13


Cardio could hold key to cancer cure
Apr 27 13


Hepatic function testing can assist in treatment planning for liver cancer patients
Feb 09 13


Liver controls wasting in cancer
Jan 14 13


Paired CT scans catch chemo-killing of liver tumors in real time
Jan 01 13


Aspirin Linked to Lower Risk of Liver Cancer
Dec 02 12


A novel oncogenic network specific to liver cancer initiation
Oct 08 12


Study doubts value of liver cancer screening
Jun 20 12


Metformin May Protect Against Liver Cancer
Apr 01 12


Liver cancer patients less likely to die on wait list than candidates without carcinomas
Mar 22 12


Wilmot Researchers Create New Way to Study Liver Cancer
Mar 08 12


Type of Anesthesia May Affect Recurrence Risk after Liver Cancer Procedure
Jan 31 12


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