Colon & Colorectal Cancer news

Chemoradiation for adenocarcinoma of the anus
Feb 12 08


Provider influence and patient barriers affect use of colorectal cancer screening
Feb 11 08


Colon Cancer Linked to Lineage
Feb 04 08


Diabetes & hyper-insulinemia as predictors of colorectal cancer risk
Feb 03 08


Smoking can double risk of colorectal polyps
Feb 01 08


Regular, long-term aspirin use reduces risk of colorectal cancer
Jan 22 08


New function for colon cancer gene found
Jan 18 08


Genetic Differences Point to Ethnic and Racial Disparities in Colorectal Cancer Risk
Nov 29 07


Cigarette smoking linked with rectal cancer risk
Nov 22 07


Study reveals differences in cancer stage presentation between rural and urban patients
Nov 10 07


Curry-derived Molecules Might be Too Spicy for Colorectal Cancers
Nov 05 07


Regular Screenings and Healthy Living Reduce Colon Cancer Risk
Oct 03 07


Studies lend insights into colorectal cancer screening
Oct 01 07


Fruits and veggies not likely linked to colon cancer risk
Sep 25 07


Simple, personalized interventions improve colorectal cancer screening rates
Sep 24 07


A gene for metastasis
Aug 28 07


‘Western’ diet linked to increased risk of colon cancer recurrence
Aug 14 07


Diet high in meat, fat and refined grains linked to risk for colon cancer recurrence, death
Aug 14 07


Major Advance in Search for Genes Associated with Colon Cancer
Jul 09 07


Common Genetic Risk Factor for Colorectal and Prostate Cancer Identified
Jul 09 07


Can a Mediterranean Diet Help Prevent Colon Cancer?
Jun 13 07


Aspirin vs. colon cancer: study weighs benefits
May 14 07


Statins don’t protect against cancer: study
Apr 27 07


Black Raspberries May Slow Growth of Colon, Other Cancers
Mar 28 07


Aspirin Or NSAIDs Won’t Prevent Colorectal Cancer
Mar 06 07


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