Colon & Colorectal Cancer news

Hour of daily exercise cuts bowel cancer risk
Dec 11 06


Drinking Red Wine Cuts Risk of Colorectal Cancer
Oct 23 06


Virtual colonoscopy is an accurate screening method for colorectal cancer
Oct 18 06


A New Way to Treat Colon Cancer?
Oct 09 06


Negative screening colonoscopy need not be repeated
Oct 01 06


Colon cancer risk in women does not seem to be reduced by physical activity
Sep 18 06


Seven quality guidelines for breast, colorectal cancer care
Aug 21 06


Curry compound may prevent colon cancer
Aug 03 06


Chemicals in curry and onions may help prevent colon cancer
Aug 01 06


Abdominal fat may raise colon cancer risk
Jul 05 06


Patients not receiving follow-up tests after positive screening for colon cancer
Jun 06 06


Stool Testing Novel Technique for Detecting Colon Cancer
May 22 06


Exercise, diet may protect against colorectal cancer
May 16 06


Celecoxib May Help Prevent Colorectal Cancer In High Risk Patients
Apr 03 06


Celebrex may prevent cancer but raises heart risks
Apr 03 06


Targeted Therapies Showing Great Promise Against Colorectal Cancer
Apr 03 06


Earlier onset of colorectal cancer associated with alcohol use, tobacco use and male gender
Mar 28 06


Antidepressants may cut colon cancer risk
Mar 28 06


African American women urged to confront colorectal cancer
Mar 18 06


Colonoscopy deemed best for colon cancer check
Mar 14 06


7 Things You Should Know About Colon Cancer
Mar 07 06


Doctors fail to recommend colon cancer tests for low-income patients
Feb 24 06


Study Sets Treatment Standard for Elderly with Colon Cancer
Feb 13 06


Magnesium may curb colon cancer risk in women
Feb 07 06


Novel feces analysis may help detect colon cancer
Jan 19 06

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