UA Cancer Center team questions safety, efficacy of selenium and colorectal cancer risk
Oct 14 16


Many adolescent girls with leukemia are not being screened for pregnancy before beginning chemotherapy
Oct 12 16


Anti-tumor immunity identified with new ovarian cancer treatment strategy
Sep 27 16


Study examines survival outcomes after different lung cancer staging methods
Sep 27 16


New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia
Sep 27 16


Saturated fatty acids linked to breast cancer in postmenopausal women
Jun 08 16


Study may help reassure women taking tamoxifen for breast cancer
Jun 07 16


High fruit intake during adolescence linked with lower breast cancer risk
May 13 16


Andrei Goga’s UCSF team finds new approaches to eradicate aggressive breast cancers
May 12 16


Study suggests testosterone therapy does not raise risk of aggressive prostate cancer
May 07 16


Certain types of polyps may warrant keeping closer tabs on the colon
Apr 14 16


Smartphones could improve skin cancer detection in developing countries
Mar 16 16


Study shows broccoli may offer protection against liver cancer
Mar 03 16


Novel gene variants identified in male breast cancer
Mar 02 16


Early MRI screening reduces risk of breast cancer death for survivors of childhood HL
Mar 02 16


Two forms of radiosurgery for brain metastases are equally effective
Feb 24 16


Cancer treatment: Therapeutic approach gives hope for the treatment of multiple myeloma
Feb 05 16


Toward a better understanding of the mechanisms blocking cancer cell growth
Jan 28 16


Nonrecommended screenings for prostate, breast cancer in older individuals
Jan 21 16


Biomarker predicts which stage II colon cancer patients may benefit from chemotherapy
Jan 21 16


New method for better treatment of breast cancer
Dec 30 15


T cells that recognize HER2 teceptor may prevent HER2+ breast cancer recurrence
Dec 30 15


New breast cancer drug may be effective against other types of cancer
Dec 29 15


Simple shell of plant virus sparks immune response against cancer
Dec 22 15


Early Prostate Cancer Cases Fall Along With Screening
Dec 18 15


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