Lung Cancer News

What is Lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs; usually in the cells that line the air passages. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, they divide rapidly and form tumors. As tumors become larger and more numerous, they undermine the lung's ability to provide the bloodstream with oxygen. Tumors that remain in one place and do not appear to spread are known as “benign tumors”.

Malignant tumors, the more dangerous ones, spread to other parts of the body either through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. Metastasis refers to cancer spreading beyond its site of origin to other parts of the body. When cancer spreads it is much harder to treat successfully.

Primary lung cancer originates in the lungs, while secondary lung cancer starts somewhere else in the body, metastasizes, and reaches the lungs. They are considered different types of cancers and are not treated in the same way.

Array shares rise on lung cancer, melanoma results
May 16 12


Video-assisted thoracic surgery valuable tool in lung cancer screening
May 15 12


Molecular subtypes and genetic alterations may determine response to lung cancer therapy
May 12 12


Scientists aim to starve lung tumours
May 05 12


Hispanic lung cancer patients tend to live longer than blacks and whites
Apr 23 12


Lung Cancer Screening Wins More Support
Apr 20 12


Mutation May Affect PFS in Lung Cancer
Apr 20 12


Latest research confirms genetic susceptibility to lung cancer
Apr 15 12


CT Screening for Lung Cancer Cost-Effective
Apr 11 12


Clinical insight improves treatment with new lung cancer drug
Apr 05 12


Quality of life tied to lung cancer survival
Mar 29 12


New Lung Cancer Treatment Target Identified By Scientists
Feb 17 12


New study casts doubt on lung cancer treatment
Feb 13 12


Many lung cancer patients get radiation therapy that may not prolong their lives
Feb 13 12


New research confirms need for lung cancer testing
Feb 02 12


New lung cancer test predicts survival
Jan 27 12


Gene fusion in lung cancer afflicting never-smokers may be target for therapy
Dec 23 11


Lung cancer patients with diabetes show prolonged survival
Oct 17 11


Inhaler treatment for lung cancer
Oct 12 11


University of Colorado Cancer Center test helps reduce risk of death in advanced lung cancer
Oct 12 11


Study finds hospitals of last resort deliver lower quality of lung cancer care
Sep 10 11


Sniffer dogs can be used to detect lung cancer
Aug 18 11


Gene combination increases risk of lung cancer, particularly in light smokers, CAMH study finds
Aug 18 11


Early morning smokers have increased risk of lung and head and neck cancers
Aug 08 11


TGen presents lung cancer studies at Amsterdam conference
Jul 07 11


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