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What is Lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs; usually in the cells that line the air passages. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, they divide rapidly and form tumors. As tumors become larger and more numerous, they undermine the lung's ability to provide the bloodstream with oxygen. Tumors that remain in one place and do not appear to spread are known as “benign tumors”.

Malignant tumors, the more dangerous ones, spread to other parts of the body either through the bloodstream or the lymphatic system. Metastasis refers to cancer spreading beyond its site of origin to other parts of the body. When cancer spreads it is much harder to treat successfully.

Primary lung cancer originates in the lungs, while secondary lung cancer starts somewhere else in the body, metastasizes, and reaches the lungs. They are considered different types of cancers and are not treated in the same way.

China has become the 89th country to ratify the global tobacco treaty
Oct 26 05


Dietary Phytoestrogens Reduce Risk of Lung Cancer
Oct 02 05


Lung cancer pill on NHS in 2007
Sep 22 05


Lung cancer may run in families
Sep 06 05


Lung cancer killing more women in Europe
Aug 11 05


Lung Cancer Doesn’t Just Target Smokers
Aug 10 05

Most lung cancers occur in smokers, but nonsmoker Dana Reeve’s situation isn’t as uncommon as it appears.

Like Reeve, widow of “Superman” star Christopher Reeve, 1 in 5…


EU lung cancer down in men, up in women
Jul 22 05


Age no bar to benefits of lung cancer chemo
Jul 14 05

New research strongly suggests that advanced age alone should not preclude an elderly patient with non-small cell lung cancer (the most common type) from receiving


Wood smoke may raise lung cancer risk
Jul 11 05


Reduced lung function tied to lung cancer risk
Jul 07 05


US doctors resume test of drug to fight lung cancer
Jul 06 05


Small Steps Toward Lung Cancer Relief
Jun 30 05


Family risk for lung cancer stronger in blacks
Jun 21 05


WHO starts drive against environmental cancer risk
Jun 21 05


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