Esophageal cancer news

Genomic testing can help identify patients at heightened risk for esophageal cancer
Jun 08 15


New study finds that proton therapy has fewer side effects in esophageal cancer patients
May 22 15


Risk of esophageal cancer decreases with height
Sep 26 14


Researchers present findings on promising biomarker for esophageal cancer
May 05 14


Scientists discover a number of novel genetic defects which cause oesophageal cancer
Mar 31 14


Study shows in vivo endomicroscopy improves detection of Barrett’s esophagus-related neoplasia
Feb 19 14


Certain symptom clusters experienced after surgery for esophageal cancer predict poor prognosis
Nov 25 13


Gastroesophageal Cancer Tied to Weight as a Teen
Oct 15 13


Study identifies 4 genetic variants linked to esophageal cancer and Barrett’s esophagus
Oct 14 13


Benefit of PET or PET/CT in oesophageal cancer is not proven
Aug 28 13


Centralization to fewer surgeons results in better survival after esophageal cancer surgery
Jan 08 13


Dial back esophageal cancer screening: internists
Dec 04 12


Risks of esophagus cancer studied: Statins may protect against esophageal cancer
Oct 22 12


Gefitinib Offers Modest Results in Esophageal Ca
Sep 30 12


Light drinking may relate to increase in risk for certain cancers
Sep 19 12


Effects of stopping alcohol consumption on subsequent risk of esophageal cancer
Sep 13 12


Barrett’s patients who smoke are twice as likely to develop esophageal cancer
Jan 30 12


Researchers use sugar to halt esophageal cancer in its tracks
Jan 16 12


UNC Researcher to Help Lead New Esophageal Cancer Network
Oct 10 11


Esophageal cancer risk higher in medically treated GERD patients with fewest symptoms
Jul 18 11


Mechanism for esophageal cancer uncovered
Apr 11 11


Red meat linked to esophageal, stomach cancer risks
Nov 08 10


Osteoporosis Drugs do not Increase Risk of Esophageal Cancer
Aug 10 10


Thriving After Cancer: Care Plans Help Map the Road to Wellness
May 28 10


A biotherapy strategy for esophageal cancer in the future
Apr 19 10


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