Prostate Cancer news

Benefit of brachytherapy in patients with early-stage prostate cancer is still unclear
Jan 11 11


University of Oklahoma Scientists Discover Way to Stop Pancreatic Cancer in Early Stages
Jan 11 11


Fit Friday: Reducing prostate cancer death risk, diet’s role in asthma, workout clothes
Jan 09 11


Finnish researchers find a compound that prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells
Dec 20 10


deCODE discovers genetic markers that improve the power of PSA testing for detecting prostate cancer
Dec 16 10


Older men get less effective prostate cancer care
Dec 08 10


Genetic mutations associated with increased PSA and prostate cancer
Dec 02 10


New prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism
Nov 29 10


Prostate cancer clinical stage does not predict recurrence
Nov 22 10


Prostate technique provides new insights
Nov 19 10


New drug targets vitamin D receptors in hormone resistant prostate cancers
Nov 18 10


Prostate cancer screening improves quality of life by catching disease before it spreads
Oct 25 10


Prostate cancer patients are at increased risk of precancerous colon polyps
Oct 19 10


Low-income men show more high-risk prostate tumors
Oct 01 10


Obese men less likely to get biopsy after PSA screening
Sep 15 10


Hopkins Prostate Cancer Experts Available
Sep 14 10


Early prostate cancer detection, screening: No benefit for men with low baseline PSA value
Sep 13 10


Study backs prostate screening for high risk men
Sep 11 10


No risk seen from delaying prostate cancer surgery
Sep 02 10


Inhibiting Prostate Cancer without Disturbing Regular Body Processes
Aug 09 10


Laser may reduce prostate surgery’s sexual side effects
Aug 06 10


New technique in robot-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy
Aug 02 10


Gene variants in Japanese prostate cancer patients
Aug 02 10


A new ground zero for prostate cancer
Jul 29 10


No link seen between coffee, prostate cancer risk
Jul 21 10


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