Breast Cancer news

New biomarker identified in breast and prostate cancers holds promise for treating disease
Aug 07 15


Breast cancer survivors who experience pain during intercourse may benefit from lidocaine
Jul 28 15


Anti-stress hormone may provide indication of breast cancer risk
Jul 14 15


Stress hormones could undermine breast cancer therapy
Jun 22 15


ALK1 protein may play a role in breast cancer metastasis
Jun 15 15


Daily aspirin could block growth of breast, other cancers
Jun 11 15


Sleep duration and quality may impact cancer survival rate
Jun 10 15


Breast cancer study raises hope of therapy to stop tumor spread
Jun 08 15


Study finds misperceptions about impact of double mastectomy
Jun 02 15


Therapy-resistant breast cancer mechanism revealed
May 26 15


Family history of breast cancer doesn’t mean a poor prognosis for women who develop the disease
May 20 15


A blood test for early detection of breast cancer metastasis
May 18 15


MRI shows potential to improve breast cancer risk prediction
May 12 15


siRNA-toting nanoparticles inhibit breast cancer metastasis
May 12 15


New method detects more breast cancer in screening
May 06 15


Breast cancer vaccines may work better with silicon microparticles
May 05 15


Breast cancer in young women - unique goals for treatment and research
Apr 29 15


HPV vaccine should not be delayed
Apr 27 15


New breast cancer gene identified by Women’s College Hospital scientists
Apr 27 15


Oophorectomy associated with decrease in breast cancer death in women with cancer, BRCA1 mutation
Apr 23 15


Eligible for breast conserving therapy, many still choose mastectomy
Apr 23 15


More detailed findings confirm that coffee protects against breast cancer recurrence
Apr 21 15


Black women more likely to have dense breast tissue, study shows
Apr 20 15


US breast cancer cases could rise 50 percent by 2030
Apr 20 15


Breast tumor stiffness and metastasis risk linked by molecule’s movement
Apr 20 15

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