Breast Cancer news

Drinkers cut cancer risk with folate, study finds
Aug 10 05

A diet rich in folate can counter the risk of breast cancer caused by drinking alcohol, new research says.

The Australian study, published online in the British…


Breast cancer risk with HRT may be small
Aug 05 05

The increased risk of developing breast cancer for women who take Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is very small, researchers suggest in this week’s issue of…


Drug switch helps women with early breast cancer
Aug 05 05

Changing drug treatment for women with early breast cancer can reduce the risk of the disease recurring or spreading by up to 40 percent, Austrian researchers said…


Scientists pinpoint new breast cancer genes
Aug 04 05


Weight change may also change breast cancer risk
Jul 29 05


Genes linked to spread of breast cancer discovered
Jul 27 05

Scientists have identified genes enabling breast cancer cells to spread to the lungs, a discovery that could improve diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

The set of…


Benefit of breast cancer screening small
Jul 20 05

In the “real-world”, the reduction in breast cancer deaths associated with screening is small and not significant from a statistical standpoint, a study shows.

Nonetheless, “I’m encouraging everyone to…


Drug combo ups breast cancer survival-study
Jul 17 05


Breast cancer therapy may give rise to leukemia
Jul 13 05

Women with early breast cancer who receive higher-than-standard doses of two chemotherapy drugs (epirubicin and cyclophosphamide) as “add-on” therapy are at increased risk of subsequently developing cancer…


Rare type of breast cancer on the rise in the U.S.
Jul 12 05

Throughout the 1990s, the incidence of inflammatory breast cancer - a relatively rare and aggressive form of the disease - increased and there were…


Estrogen-like chemical ups cancer risk in mice
Jul 12 05

Exposure to the environmental estrogen 4-nonylphenol increases the risk of breast cancer in mice, according to a new report.

This research is another example demonstrating that estrogen-like chemicals…


Breast cancer outcome similar in women and men
Jul 11 05

A study shows that men with breast cancer are not at increased risk for relapse after mastectomy compared to women with breast cancerr and therefore…


Overeating plus inactivity ups breast cancer risk
Jun 20 05


Women at risk of breast cancer decline tamoxifen
Jun 16 05

In a study involving 88 women at high risk of eventually developing breast cancer, only 1 agreed to take tamoxifen, a drug that can reduce the risk…


Exercise reduces fatigue after breast cancer
Jun 14 05

After being treated for breast cancer, women who engage in moderate exercise have more energy and feel better about their bodies than less active women, a study shows.



Most women overestimate their breast cancer risk
Jun 13 05

Nearly 9 out of 10 women overestimate how likely they are to develop breast cancer in their lifetimes, according to a new study.

In the study, a group…


One-in-five women would consider breast removal
Jun 13 05

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