Breast Cancer news

Breast cancer survivors face other cancer risks
Dec 08 05


Passive smoking is breast cancer risk factor
Dec 04 05


Treatment of breast cancer in pregnancy
Nov 30 05


Drug May Combat Weight Loss During Radiation Treatments
Nov 22 05


Investigational Treatment Shows Promise in Metastatic Breast Cancer
Nov 21 05


Antidepressant doesn’t raise breast cancer risk
Nov 16 05


British woman to get cancer drug after U-turn
Nov 09 05

A British health authority on Wednesday reversed its decision not to give a Breast cancer sufferer the potentially life-saving drug Herceptin after its chief executive met the…


Ospemifine may also help to prevent breast cancer
Nov 03 05


Early detection and improved treatment have contributed almost equally to the substantial decrease i
Oct 27 05


Breast Cancer Genetic Tests Validated for African-Americans
Oct 19 05


Reflexology helps women with breast cancer cope
Oct 19 05

Preliminary findings suggest that the ancient art of reflexology may help women with Breast cancer cope in part by relieving anxiety and depression.

Women undergoing chemotherapy for


Smoking raises breast cancer risk
Oct 12 05

Long-term Smoking increases the risk of Breast cancer in older postmenopausal women by up to 40 percent, according to a report in the October issue of Cancer Causes…


Understanding the racial gap in breast ca survival
Oct 11 05

Black women with breast cancer do not live as long as white women with breast cancer, largely because of a higher rate of competing illnesses…


Breast Cancer Risk Found High After Chest Radiation for Hodgkin’s
Oct 07 05

Young women treated with high-dose chest radiation for Hodgkin’s lymphoma have 10 times or greater the risk of developing Breast cancer later in…


Breast Cancer Patients Turn to Reflexology for Comfort
Oct 02 05


Left-handed women’s risk of breast cancer higher-study
Sep 25 05


Breast reduction surgery may uncover cancer risk
Sep 25 05


Most breast cancers not linked to ovarian cancer
Sep 23 05

BRCA mutation-related Breast cancers are known to greatly increase the risk of ovarian cancer, but new research indicates this association does not apply to other types…


Digital mammography may improve cancer detection
Sep 17 05

As a screening measure for Breast cancer, digital mammography is more accurate than conventional mammography at detecting disease in women with dense breasts, women younger than 50 years of…


Daily stress may stop breast cancer
Sep 12 05


New test can predict breast cancer’s spread
Sep 06 05


Weight loss can reduce breast cancer risk
Aug 30 05

Losing weight in young adult life can reduce the risk of early-onset Breast cancers associated with BRCA1/2 mutations, according to a review of studies on the topic.


Preschool diet linked to cancer risk
Aug 19 05


Chips could double cancer risk for kids
Aug 19 05

Giving chips to your young daughter could dramatically increase her risk of Breast cancer in later life, researchers say.

An American study claims that regularly eating chips…


New ‘stealth’ drugs give hope in fight on cancer
Aug 11 05


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