Prostate Cancer News

What is Prostate cancer?

The prostate gland is found only in males. It is just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The tube that carries urine (the urethra) runs through the center of the prostate. The prostate contains cells that make some of the fluid (semen) that protects and nourishes the sperm.

There are several types of cells in the prostate, but nearly all prostate cancers start in the gland cells. This kind of cancer is known as adenocarcinoma.

Some prostate cancers can grow and spread quickly, but most of the time, prostate cancer grows slowly. Autopsy studies show that many older men (and even some younger men) who died of other causes also had prostate cancer that never caused them problems. In many cases neither they nor their doctors even knew they had it.

Prostate cancer hormone therapy hard on the heart
Feb 10 06


Black men least likely to get prostate cancer screening even during peak ages of risk
Feb 06 06


Alternative therapy common in prostate cancer
Jan 24 06


‘Statins’ improve prostate cancer outcome
Jan 20 06


Scientists Link Variations in Growth-Factor Gene to Risk of Prostate Cancer
Jan 18 06


Turmeric holds real potential for the treatment and prevention of prostate cancer
Jan 16 06


Prostate cancer screening may not reduce mortality
Jan 10 06


Screening for Prostate Cancer May Not Reduce Men’s Risk of Death
Jan 09 06


Biofeedback cuts urine leak after prostate surgery
Jan 05 06


Counseling helps sex life after prostate cancer
Dec 30 05


Lean body mass may protect against prostate cancer
Dec 14 05


Model of Prostate Cancer Helps Identify Promising Pain Treatment
Dec 06 05


Ack1 molecule stimulates the aggressive growth of prostate cancer
Dec 05 05


Long-term hormone therapy best for prostate cancer
Nov 29 05


Low PSA may not rule out prostate cancer
Nov 28 05


Herbal extract may treat prostate cancer
Nov 25 05


Smaller prostate size, more aggressive cancer
Nov 17 05


Single men may forgo retreatment of prostate cancer
Oct 21 05

Single men with Prostate cancer that has spread to the bone are less likely to receive repeat radiation therapy to alleviate the pain than their married counterparts,…


Annual Prostate Cancer Screening Test Appears to Save Lives
Oct 20 05


Obesity ups odds that prostate cancer will recur
Oct 11 05


PSA increase predicts prostate cancer outcome
Oct 10 05


PSA retesting interval can be individualized
Sep 14 05


Guide aims to help men understand prostate cancer
Sep 09 05

Men with Prostate cancer are living three times longer than they were 20 years ago because of early detection and better treatment, but they have little information…


Program boosts life for prostate cancer patients
Sep 07 05


Screening spares men from advanced prostate cancer
Aug 26 05

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