Prostate Cancer News

What is Prostate cancer?

The prostate gland is found only in males. It is just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The tube that carries urine (the urethra) runs through the center of the prostate. The prostate contains cells that make some of the fluid (semen) that protects and nourishes the sperm.

There are several types of cells in the prostate, but nearly all prostate cancers start in the gland cells. This kind of cancer is known as adenocarcinoma.

Some prostate cancers can grow and spread quickly, but most of the time, prostate cancer grows slowly. Autopsy studies show that many older men (and even some younger men) who died of other causes also had prostate cancer that never caused them problems. In many cases neither they nor their doctors even knew they had it.

Rotating-shift work tied to prostate cancer risk
Sep 13 06


Aspirin, Other NSAIDs, May Prevent or Delay Enlarged Prostate
Aug 30 06


PSA Predicts Treatment Success in Advanced Prostate Cancer
Aug 25 06


Study Drug Holds Promise As Alternative to Castration For Early Prostate Cancers
Aug 23 06


Variances in patterns of care for patients with prostate cancer failing primary therapy
Aug 21 06


Novel drug selectively kills prostate cancer cells
Aug 18 06


Prostate Cancer Patients Sought for Database as Part of Joint Effort
Aug 14 06


Dutasteride useful for enlarged prostate
Aug 03 06


Mushroom extract may boost prostate cancer drug
Aug 03 06


Researchers Uncover How Prostate Cancer Cells Defy Death
Jul 28 06


New diagnostic tool for prostate cancer
Jul 19 06


Pomegranate Juice Slows PSA Acceleration Rate After Prostate Cancer Surgery, Radiation
Jul 03 06


Pomegranate juice helps fight prostate cancer
Jul 03 06


Study examines the use of a novel suprapubic catheter in suprapubic prostatectomy
Jun 30 06


Immunologic tests detect hidden prostate cancer
Jun 29 06


Few well performed studies address management of lymph node positive prostate cancer
Jun 28 06


For men with prostate cancer, treatment information fails to address fears
Jun 28 06


Obesity raises risk of prostate cancer recurrence
Jun 26 06


Common genetic prostate cancer variant identified
Jun 21 06


Folate may alter risk of prostate cancer progression
Jun 19 06


Predictive model of prostate cancer risk
Jun 14 06


Most prostate cancer patients opt for surgery
Jun 13 06


Drug Attacks Prostate Cancer in Mouse Model by Destroying Its Blood Supply
Jun 07 06


Gleevec strangles drug-resistant, metastatic prostate cancer
Jun 07 06


PSA test alone not an ideal predictor of prostate cancer
Jun 06 06


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