Breast Cancer news

Breast cancer screening in over-70s ‘may lead to overdiagnosis’
Sep 16 14


Benefit of endocrine therapy in elderly women with low risk hormone receptor positive breast cancer?
Sep 16 14


African American Women Receive Less Breast Reconstruction after Mastectomy
Sep 12 14


Novel Immunotherapy Vaccine Decreases Recurrence in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Patients
Sep 05 14


Breast conserving therapy shows survival benefit compared to mastectomy in early-stage patients
Sep 04 14


Women with severe, chronic health issues are screened for breast cancer less often
Aug 23 14


NSAIDs benefit overweight breast cancer patients, study finds
Aug 14 14


Study shines new light on genetic alterations of aggressive breast cancer subtype
Aug 07 14


Exposure to dim light at night may make breast cancers resistant to tamoxifen
Jul 26 14


Yale researchers identify targets for immunotherapy in early-stage breast cancer
Jul 18 14


Association found between high cholesterol and breast cancer
Jul 07 14


3D mammography detects more invasive cancers and reduces call-back rates
Jun 25 14


False Negative Results Found in Prognostic Testing for Breast Cancer
Jun 19 14


Tamoxifen-resistant breast cancer reversed when drug paired with anti-malaria agent
Jun 13 14


Limiting Carbohydrates Could Reduce Breast Cancer Recurrence in Women with Positive IGF1 Receptor
Jun 11 14


Needle biopsy underused in breast cancer diagnosis, negatively impacting diagnosis and care
Jun 10 14


Most breast cancer patients may not be getting enough exercise
Jun 09 14


New Clues to Why Older Women are More Vulnerable to Breast Cancer
Jun 05 14


New test predicts if breast cancer will spread
Jun 04 14


Two new possible drug targets for triple negative breast cancer
May 27 14


More access to health care may lead to unnecessary mammograms
May 27 14


Team validates potentially powerful new way to treat HER2-positive breast cancer
May 26 14


Yale Cancer Center studies find lifestyle changes improve biomarkers for breast cancer recurrence and mortality
May 22 14


Most women who have double mastectomy don’t need it, U-M study finds
May 22 14


New way to predict response to chemo in triple-negative breast cancer
May 15 14


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