Ovarian Cancer News

What are the ovaries?

Women have two ovaries, one on either side of the womb (uterus) in the pelvic area (lower abdomen). Ovaries are small and round, each about the size of a walnut. The ovaries make eggs. In fertile women, each month an egg (ovum) is released from one of the ovaries.

What is Ovarian cancer?

The term "ovarian cancer" includes several different types of cancer that all arise from cells of the ovary. Most commonly, tumors arise from the epithelium, or lining cells, of the ovary. These include epithelial ovarian (from the cells on the surface of the ovary), fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal (the lining inside the abdomen that coats many abdominal structures) cancer. These are all considered to be one disease process. There is also an entity called borderline ovarian tumors that have the microscopic appearance of a cancer, but tend not to spread much.

However, there are also less common forms of ovarian cancer that come from within the ovary itself, including germ cell tumors and sex cord-stromal tumors. All of these diseases will be discussed, as well as their treatment.

An experiment in earlier detection of ovarian cancer
Jun 23 07


Clues to Ovarian Cancer’s Deadly Secrets
Apr 11 07


UBC discovery may lead to ‘smart’ therapies for breast, ovarian cancer
Mar 20 07


Low-dose Pill reduces ovarian cancer risk
Mar 12 07


Researchers Identify Ovarian Cancer Biomarkers
Mar 07 07


Ovarian Cancer May Mimic Fallopian Tube Formation
Mar 06 07


‘Clumping’ Protein Linked to Return of Ovarian Cancer
Dec 16 06


New drug comb may lengthen ovarian cancer survival
Nov 15 06


Younger women survive ovarian cancer better
Nov 08 06


Excess weight worsens ovarian cancer prognosis
Oct 24 06


Hormone therapy linked to ovarian cancer risk
Oct 09 06


Ovary removal could be risky for young women
Sep 26 06


Family breast cancer history ups ovarian cancer risk
Sep 20 06


Obesity Leads to More Aggressive Ovarian Cancer
Aug 28 06


St. John’s wort and polymeric nanoparticles to treat ovarian tumors using light
Aug 22 06


Optimistic women with ovarian cancer fare better
Aug 15 06


Trial of Topotecan following Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in treatment of ovarian cancer
Aug 03 06


Removal of Ovaries Decreases Cancer Risk for Women at High-Risk
Jul 12 06


Physical activity does not ward off ovarian cancer
Jul 11 06


Excess pounds may raise ovarian cancer risk
Jun 15 06


Cancer-Reducing Benefits of Preventive Surgery May Be Specific to Gene Mutation
Jun 05 06


Team effort to beat ovarian cancer
May 31 06


PET-CT Highly Accurate for Detecting Ovarian Cancer Recurrence
May 02 06


Ginger Causes Ovarian Cancer Cells to Die
Apr 05 06


Protein in urine may point to more sensitive screening tests for women with ovarian cancer
Apr 04 06


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