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What is Liver cancer?

The liver continuously filters blood that circulates through the body, converting nutrients and drugs absorbed from the digestive tract into ready-to-use chemicals. The liver performs many other important functions, such as removing toxins and other chemical waste products from the blood and readying them for excretion. Because all the blood in the body must pass through it, the liver is unusually accessible to cancer cells traveling in the bloodstream.

The liver can be affected by primary liver cancer, which arises in the liver, or by cancer which forms in other parts of the body and then spreads to the liver. Most liver cancer is secondary or metastatic, meaning it started elsewhere in the body. Primary liver cancer, which starts in the liver, accounts for about 2% of cancers in the U.S., but up to half of all cancers in some undeveloped countries. This is mainly due to the prevalence of hepatitis, caused by contagious viruses, that predisposes a person to liver cancer. In the U.S., primary liver cancer strikes twice as many men as women, at an average age of 67.

Mayo Clinic Studies Identify Risk Factors in Rising Trend of Liver Cancer
Jan 07 12


Studies of patients with cirrhosis uncover limitations in liver cancer screening
Dec 01 11


Liver cancer incidence lower in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease than hepatitis C
Sep 27 11


The ignored virus that causes liver cancer
Aug 22 11


Saffron shows promise in preventing liver cancer
Aug 22 11


Experts find rogue stem cells in liver cancer
Jul 07 11


Research in fish provides new clues about deadly form of liver cancer
Jul 05 11


The relationship between body mass index and age at hepatocellular carcinoma onset
Mar 15 11


A diagnostic marker in hepatocellular carcinoma
Jan 31 11


Racial disparities evident in early-stage liver cancer survival
Dec 21 10


Blacks with Liver Cancer More Likely to Die
Dec 21 10


Liver cancer in cirrhotic patients effectively treated with radiofrequency ablation
Dec 16 10


Combination Therapy Improves Survival Time For Patients With Advanced Liver Cancer
Nov 17 10


Personalized treatment may help some liver cancer patients
Oct 24 10


New study confirms link between nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and liver cancer
May 25 10


Sex hormone explains men’s higher liver cancer risk
May 20 10


More Reliable Biomarkers Needed for Liver Cancer Detection
Feb 25 10


Scientists identify specific markers that trigger aggressiveness of liver cancer
Oct 20 09


Statins may cut liver cancer risk for diabetics
Jun 16 09


Statins may cut liver cancer risk in diabetics
May 25 09


Liver Tumors Associated with Metabolic Syndrome Differ from Other Tumors
Feb 25 09


Researchers Identify Gene Linked to Aggressive Progression of Liver Cancer
Feb 17 09


A promising molecular target for liver cancer therapy
Feb 17 09


Hepatitis C ups liver cancer risk, study confirms
Jan 16 09


Liver transplant recipients almost 3 times more likely to develop cancer
Oct 02 08

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