Colon & Colorectal Cancer news

Study identifies strategy for improved screening for type of hereditary colorectal cancer
Oct 17 12


New study aims to predict risk of cancer
Oct 17 12


Folic acid doesn’t cut risk of colon polyps: study
Oct 15 12


Surgeons investigate whether rural colon cancer patients fare worse than urban patients
Oct 04 12


Study: can daily aspirin help ward off cancer?
Aug 13 12


Removing colon polyps tied to lower cancer risk
Jul 24 12


Which doctor does your colonoscopy may matter
Jun 16 12


No link seen between bone drugs, colon cancer
Jun 07 12


OK to Stay with Avastin in Colon Cancer Tx
Jun 02 12


Younger colon cancer patients have worse prognosis at diagnosis, yet better survival
May 31 12


Latest research examines colorectal cancer risk factors
May 22 12


Sigmoidoscopy an option for colon cancer screening
May 21 12


Discovery of mechanisms predicting response to new treatments in colon cancer
May 20 12


Colon cancer risk when a first-degree relative has precancerous polyps is not clear
May 14 12


Colon cancer test may not require laxatives: study
May 14 12


Blood pressure drugs don’t protect against colorectal cancer
May 13 12


Fish tied to lower colon cancer risk: study
May 10 12


‘Undy 5000’ to fight colon cancer
Apr 20 12


There’s an App for Colon Cancer
Apr 20 12


Breakthrough discovery unveils ‘master switches’ in colon cancer
Apr 12 12


Mayo Clinic study identifies optimal gene targets for new colon cancer test
Apr 03 12


New App Available in the Fight Against Colon Cancer
Mar 27 12


Poor colonoscopy prep hides pre-cancerous polyps
Mar 27 12


UT MD Anderson Patient: Colorectal Cancer Not Just For Those 50 and Older
Mar 24 12


Study Shows Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates High in Patients with Multiple Health Problems
Mar 21 12


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