Fibrocystic Breast

Questions for your doctor on fibrocystic breasts

Preparing questions in advance can help patients have more meaningful discussions with their physicians regarding their conditions. Patients may wish to ask their doctor or healthcare professional the following questions about fibrocystic breast changes:

  1.    Are my breast changes normal?

  2.    What could be causing my breast changes?

  3.    What types of tests may be performed to determine the cause of my breast changes?

  4.    Will my breast changes require treatment, and if so, what type of treatment?

  5.    Can I improve my condition by wearing a firmer bra or making dietary changes?

  6.    Do these changes place me at higher risk for breast cancer?

  7.    How do I know if a lump is abnormal?

  8.    Will the changes affect my ability to breastfeed?

  9.    Do fibrocystic changes get worse over time?

  10.    Which medications can help alleviate my discomfort?

Reviewed By:
Joanne Poje Tomasulo, M.D., ACOG
Marc Kaufman, M.D., ACOG

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