Low-income Pregnant Women in Rural Areas Experience High Levels of Stress; Mothers’ and Babies’ Health at Risk, MU Researcher Says
Jan 30 13


Treating sleep-disordered breathing in pregnancy may improve fetal health
Jan 03 13


Use of anti-depressants during pregnancy not linked with increased risk of stillbirth, infant death
Jan 02 13


Preventing unintended pregnancies
Nov 26 12


Smoking in pregnancy tied to lower reading scores
Nov 20 12


Genetics point to serious pregnancy complication
Nov 15 12


Antidepressants Increase Risks For Pregnant Women
Nov 04 12


Women with lupus have a higher risk for preeclampsia
Oct 30 12


Pre-pregnancy Weight, Smoking Status Tied to Heavy Kids
Oct 30 12


Pregnant women, get whooping cough shot
Oct 25 12


Breech births cause more problems for moms and babies when water breaks early
Oct 18 12


Mother’s touch could change effects of prenatal stress
Oct 17 12


Chronic stress during pregnancy prevents brain benefits of motherhood, study shows
Oct 15 12


Most pregnancy-related infections are caused by four treatable conditions
Oct 10 12


Starting to snore during pregnancy could indicate risk for high blood pressure, U-M study says
Sep 26 12


Pregnancy complications up to twice higher in women born preterm
Sep 24 12


Birth is no reason to go to hospital
Sep 19 12


Study implicates marijuana use in pregnancy problems
Sep 12 12


Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of wheeze and asthma in preschool children
Aug 19 12


Less Iron During Pregnancy May Be OK
Jul 15 12


Antipsychotics in Pregnancy Up Diabetes Risk
Jul 02 12


Small differences in birth timing tied to test scores
Jul 02 12


Continued Infertility Treatments Drive Pregnancy Successes
Jun 29 12


Study offers new insights into the effects of stress on pregnancy
Jun 28 12


Future reproductive outcomes for women who have had an ectopic pregnancy
Jun 20 12


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