Pregnancy Calendar - Week 35

Week 35
Your baby may, in fact be around the 5 1/2 pound mark now as you near your delivery date. The deposit of the fat has really plumped up your baby now, especially the legs and arms. This week begins your baby’s most rapid period of weight gain - about one half to three quarters of a pound each week. Because of your baby’s increasing size, she is now cramped and restricted inside the uterus. This means fetal movements will either decrease or they may be stronger and more forceful.

Your baby’s head, if she is in a head-first position, is also resting on your pubic bone in preparation for labor.

Your Doctor or health care provider will probably start doing regular checks on your cervix for signs of effacement (thinning) and dilatation (opening) of the cervix in preparation for birth.

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Revision date: June 11, 2011
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