Pregnancy FAQ

I am having nausea and vomiting specially in the morning and I am pregnant what can I do?
To avoid vomiting and nausea, move your limbs for few minutes before getting out of bed or take a dry toast or biscuit before rising from the bed and avoid fatty foods and liquid on an empty stomach. If these do not relieve the symptoms, take anti-vomiting drugs like doxinate(preferably consult your doctor for a prescription) before sleeping. If excessive vomiting occurs, consult your doctor.

I am 2 months pregnant and I am having spotting what should I do?
Spotting in early months of pregnancy means either :

  • Threatened abortion.  
  • Non viable pregnancy.  
  • Pregnancy in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy).

You should have an urgent ultrasound to see if it is an intrauterine viable pregnancy and then you should take complete bed rest and folic acid tablets.

Avoid travelling & intercourse.

I have to travel long distance, what is the most suitable time for me to travel?
Long distance journey is most preferably taken in the second trimester (13th -24th week) and rail route is preferred. Avoid travelling in the first trimester (upto the 12th week) and last 6 weeks of pregnancy to avoid premature labour. Avoid jerky vehicles and routes.

Why backache occurs in pregnancy and what can be done to get relief?
Mild continuous backache is not alarming it is due to relaxation of the ligaments of joints(to facilitate the passage of the child during labor) and faulty posture in pregnancy.
Improvement of posture by keeping the back as straight as possible, taking rest in hard bed, massaging the back muscles help in backache.

If backache is associated with pain in abdomen or bleeding through vagina or discharge through vagina, is it alarming?
Yes, if backache is associated with periodic spasmodic pain radiating to anterior abdomen or thighs. Bleeding and discharge, may be signs of an abortion.
Take complete bed rest, have an ultrasound and consult your doctor.

I am having vaginal discharge. Is it normal in pregnancy?
Yes, slightly increased vaginal discharge is normal in pregnancy, keep local cleanliness. But if discharge is offensive or associated with pain then it is indicative of infection, which may lead to abortion or premature labour, so consult your doctor and get yourself examined.

I am pregnant and I experience severe leg cramps while sleeping, what can I do?
Leg cramps are common in pregnancy and may occur due to deficiency of calcium. So take calcium supplements in form of milk and milk products or calcium tablets. Massaging the leg, application of local heat may help. Take multivitamin tablets also.

I am pregnant and severely constipated. I sometime pass blood in stools, what can I do?
Constipation is a common problem of pregnancy due to hormonal effect. Take plenty of fluids, vegetables and high fibre diet. A glass of lukewarm water early in the morning may be helpful. Mild laxative like Isabgol (psyllium husk) 1-2 teaspoons in milk or 1-2 teaspoons cremaffin pink at bed time can be taken.
Bleeding in stools may be due to hard stools or piles. Regular use of laxative to keep the stool soft may be helpful.

My legs are full of bluish veins which are prominent and snake like, what is it?
These are varicose veins of legs which may occur in pregnancy in some patients in later months of pregnancy due to obstruction of return blood flow. Elastic crepe bandage during movements and elevation of the limbs during rest can give relief. Varicosities usually disappear following delivery.

I am 7 months pregnant and my feet get swollen during evening. What should be done?
Physiological leg oedema is common in pregnancy and no treatment is required if it is not associated with anaemia, high B.P. and any urinary problem. It occurs due to prolonged standing /walking. It subsides with rest and elevation of the limbs. No drug is needed for it. If it is associated with high blood pressure, then you should see your doctor.

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