Low-dose hormone therapy in the perimenopause: study

To evaluate the effects of low-dose hormone therapy (LD-HT) on bleeding pattern and vasomotor symptoms in perimenopausal women.

In a prospective, open-label study at an University clinic, 120 perimenopausal women suffering from irregular menstrual cycles and hot flushes were randomized to micronized 17?-estradiol 1 mg plus dydrogesterone 10 mg sequential added (LD-HT; group A: 60 subjects) or dydrogesterone 10 mg from day 15 to 28 (group B: 60 subjects). Number and severity of hot flushes and bleeding pattern were assessed throughout the study.

Women in group A experienced a significant reduction in number of hot flushes while no significant variation was observed in group B. The incidence of cyclic bleeding was 86% in group A and 76% in group B, the mean duration was significantly lower in group A than in group B.

LD-HT may control both irregular bleeding and hot flushes in perimenopausal women.

Keywords: Perimenopause; Low-dose hormone therapy; Bleeding pattern; Vasomotor symptom; Hot flushes; Dydrogesterone

Corresponding author. Dipartimento di Scienze Ginecologiche, Ostetriche e della Riproduzione, Largo Madonna delle Grazie — 80138 Napoli (Italy). Tel.: +39 081 5665599; fax: +39 81 665602.

P. De Franciscis, L. Cobellis, F. Fornaro, E. Sepe, M. Torella and N. Colacurci
Outpatient menopausal clinic, Department of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Reproductive Sciences, Second University of Naples, Largo Madonna delle Grazie Naples, Italy
Received 6 December 2006;  revised 10 April 2007;  accepted 11 April 2007.  Available online 18 June 2007.

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