Gynecology news

Post-breastfeeding tissue remodeling explained by new research
Oct 12 16


Research shows efficacy of steroid use in late preterm delivery
Mar 03 16


Salt intake appears to have little impact on bone health in menopausal women
Feb 26 16


Taming hot flashes without hormones: What works, what doesn’t
Sep 23 15


24-hour OBs, midwives lead to less C-sections
Sep 09 15


Hysterectomy can be safely combined with cosmetic surgery for ‘hanging abdomen’
Sep 02 15


Women undergoing fertility treatment can succeed with fewer hormones
Aug 25 15


Data mining DNA for polycystic ovary syndrome genes
Aug 20 15


The global cost of unsafe abortion
Aug 19 15


C-sections could influence babies’ ability to focus
Aug 11 15


Umbilical cord ‘milking’ improves blood flow in preterm infants
Jun 29 15


Study examines cesarean section delivery and autism spectrum disorder
Jun 24 15


Endometriosis associated with a greater risk of complications in pregnancy
Jun 15 15


Nearly 10 percent of women live too far from access to gynecologic cancer care
Jun 11 15


Menopause Symptoms Not Eased by Calcium, Vitamin D
Jun 09 15


Hormones Soon After Menopause Do Not Affect Cognition
Jun 04 15


Vitamin D and calcium supplements do not improve menopausal symptoms
Jun 01 15


Newer Contraceptive Pills Tied to Higher VTE Risk, Again
May 27 15


Newer contraceptives come with higher clotting risks, analysis finds
May 27 15


Study findings linking ovulation, racial bias questioned
May 20 15


Public health advisories linked with reduction of codeine dispensing to postpartum women
May 12 15


More efforts needed to raise teen long-term contraceptive use
May 01 15


How your sex life may influence endometriosis
May 01 15


Smoking may affect some women’s likelihood of giving birth to twins
Apr 20 15


New review recognizes the importance of counselling in those affected by infertility
Apr 16 15


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